Spotlight on: Laura & Shane Phelps-Sweatt

3-2-1 GO! Then Go again...

Hydrus allows athletes to attack interval-style workouts with high intensity. With quicker recovery and less cramping through optimal hydration, rest days become a choice, not a must.

Power Hydration for a power couple.

Shane Sweatt and Laura Phelps-Sweatt are one powerful couple. Laura is a champion powerlifter and holds world records in the bench press, squat and total. Shane is one of the nation’s most respected strength coaches, and is a CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Course instructor. Together, they own CrossFit Conjugate and the Sweatt Shop, two elite gyms in Cincinnati. Laura has been training with Hydrus (Performance Hydration Beverage) for over a year.

On the importance of hydration for athletic performance:

Proper hydration is one of the most overlooked factors in athletic performance. A 2% level of dehydration is noticeable. A 5% level can result in up to 30% loss in aerobic capacity, and a 45% loss in capacity for VO2max training. So many bodily functions are impacted. Dehydration dramatically decreases muscle function including the ability to dissipate heat, muscle lubrication, less efficient glycogen utilization, and delivery of oxygen." - Shane
For me, recovery is a major factor. Well-hydrated muscles recover faster with less soreness." - Laura

The Impact of Hydrus on Training and Performance

When I started using Hydrus, I experienced an almost immediate increase in work capacity. I did a lot conditioning training before becoming a powerlifter. With the switch in focus to strength and power training, my conditioning suffered because I found it hard to do both. With Hydrus, I found I was able to integrate conditioning back into my training and now can do 3-4 WOD’s a week, or other conditioning training, without affecting my strength training. I also recover from competitions a lot faster, which helps maintain my gains." - Laura
Instead of taking a week or more off after competitions, with Hydrus, Laura can compete hard on Saturday and train again on Monday." - Shane